There are few things worse than a rain delay ruining an afternoon of sporting glory. NASCAR fans have become all too familiar with that feeling over the years, but the series is ready to try and change that in 2023. That’s because NASCAR has just approved its proposed oval rain package for use on shorter tracks.

R&T first reported about the potential oval rain package joining the series’ toolkit back in October of last year. Word of NASCAR’s decision on the package came by way of The Athletic Motorsports contributor Jeff Gluck. Gluck’s post states that the series will employ the package at the following tracks if the weather deems it necessary: Clash, Martinsville, New Hampshire, North Wilkesboro, Phoenix, and Richmond. Other tracks including IRP and Milwaukee could also see use of the oval rain package.

As R&T previously reported, the oval rain package will mirror the one currently used during NASCAR road course events. That means it will include hardware like a windshield wiper, flaps behind the wheels, Goodyear rain tires, and rain lighting affixed to the rear of the race cars. All of the tracks that we might see the package make an appearance at are on the short end, with none of the tracks extending past a mile in length. This helps ensure that speeds stay manageable during any sort of adverse weather conditions on track. It is also worth noting that the package isn’t designed to entirely eliminate the possibility of a rain delay. Standing water of any sort is still too risky for drivers and may still require officials to take action. That said, the wet oval package should help get drivers back on the track sooner than they could before. That’s good for fans and broadcasters alike.

It’s hard not to feel some sense of relief now that NASCAR has finally inched closer to a wet weather solution. The package might not change the role that rain delays play in the sport, but it certainly gives teams a better place to start from. Here’s hoping it's a tool we don’t have to see implemented in 2023.

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