JAMESTOWN, N.D. (KFYR) - Administration with Jamestown Public Schools says they took disciplinary action after finding racially insensitive remarks were made by a handful of Jamestown Middle School and High School students at a recent boys basketball game against Bismarck High School.

Superintendent Dr. Robert Lech says it happened at the January 31st game among the Jamestown student cheering section.

Lech says the school took two days to investigate the incident and reports the “appropriate disciplinary action” was taken “per our Anti-Harassment and Discrimination Policy.” Lech does not, however, detail what that action was or against whom it was taken.

Lech also says the school district is partnering with Bismarck Public schools to look for ways to help both communities grow from the “very unfortunate experience.” He says student leaders at Jamestown High School are stepping up to improve the school’s cultural competence.

“Accepting accountability while creating a path to grow from this is who we are, and want to be, as Jamestown Blue Jays,” Lech said.

He calls it an opportunity to make “our community and our school better.”

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