Los Angeles Lakers star LeBron James is not only one of the greatest NBA players ever, but also one of the best businessmen off the court.

James has built a business empire in recent years, focusing on the media world as well as a number of different investments that have worked out well for him. That includes joining the Fenway Sports group where he has gotten involved in the ownership groups of the Boston Red Sox, Pittsburgh Penguins and FC Liverpool. James has also stated his desire to own an NBA team in Las Vegas when his playing days are over.

LeBron has had so much success that he recently became the first active NBA player to become a billionaire.

Just because he has a lot of money doesn’t mean he wants to spend it, however. James has been very vocal about his frugal nature, not wanting to spend money on this he deems unnecessary. It appears a blue checkmark on Twitter is one of those things as James tweeted that he will not be purchasing one:

New Twitter owner Elon Musk has made wholesale changes since taking over the website. The biggest one is the addition of a “Twitter Blue” subscription, which gives anyone who is willing to pay $8 a month special privileges.

One of those privileges is a blue checkmark, which originally was for celebrities, media members, etc. so that people could identify their accounts as real.

All of the “legacy” blue checkmarks will soon go away though as Musk recently announced that only Twitter Blue subscribers will be able to have them. Included in that group will be James, who made a hilarious Martin Lawrence reference to tell Musk that he will not be giving him any money.

James expects to be off minutes restriction by end of road trip

As far as things go on the court, James’ current focus is on getting the Lakers to the playoffs with only a few regular-season games to go.

LeBron recently returned from a foot injury after missing four weeks though, and in the two games he has been back, the King has been on a bit of a minutes restriction.

He joked that coaches have had him on a minutes restriction for a decade now and he is currently feeling good so should be off it by the end of the Lakers’ road trip.

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