CeeDee Lamb's future with the Dallas Cowboys is becoming a hot topic in the NFL. Check out the latest details in the situation.

CeeDee Lamb will be crucial in 2023 for the Cowboys if they want to make a Super Bowl run considering the Philadelphia Eagles are favorites to win the NFC East with the best roster in football led by Jalen Hurts.

Last season, the Cowboys had a 12-5 record and lost again in the playoffs facing the San Francisco 49ers. Jerry Jones’s team haven’t won a championship since 1996.

Even in this scenario, CeeDee Lamb hasn’t gotten a long-term deal. Though the Dallas Cowboys already picked his fifth-year option for 2024, it’s important to remember that a star wide receiver is still under his rookie contract. He could soon become a top free agent.

Dallas Cowboys: CeeDee Lamb talks about contract extension

Though an agreement is far from being reached, CeeDee Lamb guaranteed thousands of Cowboys’ fans that all his focus is on delivering a Super Bowl in the 2023 season.

“That’s for my agent. I’m just trying to play. That’s what I’m here to do and that’s what I love to do. Quite honestly, I’ll be 100-percent honest, I’m not even distracted. The money, I’m definitely worried about it, but it’s not something that’s on my mind every day or when I come to the building.”

However, Lamb should be paying a lot of attention to the subject as he could become one of the best paid wide receivers in the league. For example, Tyreek Hill is at $30 million per year, Davante Adams gets $28 million and DeAndre Hopkins salary was $27 million before his release from the Cardinals.

Let’s say CeeDee Lamb might not be in that first tier, but, he is definitely a Top 10 WR in the NFL. That’s why his new contract could be massive. If he delivers in 2023, the number of suitors could go up creating a huge leverage problem for the Cowboys. “I’m not thinking about how much money I’m gonna make if I do this. It’s really all about coming in, showing my worth, and letting everything else handle itself.”

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