Now that he's done playing, former All-Pro wide receiver Dez Bryant has resumed being one of the biggest Dallas Cowboys fans on the planet. And he wants his former team to add some superstar to their ranks this year.

Taking to Twitter, Bryant advocated for the Cowboys to try and acquire All-Pro running back Derrick Henry from the Tennessee Titans. He believes that Henry would be better with the Cowboys and that the team would be better having him if paired with Tony Pollard.

"Cowboys get Derrick Henry with the supporting cast they have… Prescott Pollard Lamb Cooks Gallup and sprinkle in Turpin/Vaughn. Derrick Henry will bring the perfect balanced to execute all of the fire power the cowboys have… that’s a tough offense with a tough defense... Explosive Strength Balance and Speed Reminder.. Derrick Henry carried the load in Tennessee his whole entire career.. he don’t have to do that in Dallas... I like the idea of this Yr cowboy team," Bryant wrote.

Cowboys fans are certainly down to add a running back who can rush for over 2,000 yards in a season and pair him with their rising star in Tony Pollard. 

"I’ve been saying this for years. Should help decrease Daks turnovers too," one user replied.

"Dez for GM," wrote another.

"Derrick Henry and pollard sheeesh," a third wrote.

Of course, the Cowboys would have to make an offer and the Titans would have to be open to trading their all-world runner first. And neither of those things seems to be happening.

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