In case you missed it last week, Twitter owner and billionaire Elon Musk announced that legacy and non-paid verified accounts would soon have the signature blue 'verification' checkmark removed from their profiles. 

Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes, like many on Twitter this week, seems disappointed to hear that he may soon have to pay upwards of $11 per month to keep his verified status. 

This Friday, after asking his followers when his checkmark would be taken away, one of Mahomes' Chiefs teammates replied by asking the quarterback if he'd purchase subscriptions for the whole team. Mahomes' five-word reply to the request is going viral this afternoon. 

"Can’t bro i got kids..." the Chiefs quarterback tweeted. 

Mahomes certainly has the financial means to pull off Valdez-Scantling's request.  He inked a 10-year, $450 million deal with Kansas City in 2020, the largest contract by total value in league history. 

But like much of the Twitter community in the days following Musk's announcement, it seems Mahomes isn't in a rush to renew his verified status - if it'll come at a price. 

Here were some of the best reactions to Mahomes' hilarious back-and-forth this Friday. 

"Should get his own check for verified GOAT," one Chiefs fan tweeted. 

"Gotta love bro for this," said one Twitter user. 

"Kids are expensive right??" wrote another fan. 

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