Tom Brady will return to New England for a very special tribute. Check out the details of his incredible answer for the Patriots after the invitation.

In a surprising announcement prior to the NFL schedule release, Robert Kraft, the owner of the Patriots, confirmed the return of Tom Brady to honor the legendary quarterback at home.

“I’m happy to tell you that I invited him back (Brady) to come here and be with us at the opening game and let the fans in New England thank him for the great service he gave us for over 20 years. It’ll be the beginning of many celebrations to honor Tom Brady and say thank you for what he did for us.”

However, Tom Brady hadn’t spoken about it or confirmed if he had accepted the invitation by the New England Patriots. Now, in one of the biggest stories in the NFL, the legendary quarterback answered with an amazing message for the team.

Tom Brady’s special message for New England Patriots

When Robert Kraft announced the tribute, the owner was convinced it’s the perfect moment to honor the greatest player of all time in front of his beloved fans. “The NFL is over a century old and 20 percent of those years, the greatest player in the history of the game played right here in Foxborough.”

This was Tom Brady’s answer during an interview with ESPN. “It was such a kind gesture by Robert Kraft, who I’ve been in touch with since the season ended. We’ve always had a great relationship. From the moment that I stepped foot in Foxborough, I’ve cherished that opportunity, and I’ve always felt like I’ve been a member of that organization.”

Furthermore, Brady shut down any rumor about a bad relationship with Kraft after he went to play for the Buccaneers. “I know my football journey took me to Tampa for three years, which I absolutely loved. And when that ended I had an opportunity to really reconnect with Robert Kraft on a personal level.”

The tribute for Tom Brady would be on Week 2 when the New England Patriots host the Miami Dolphins on Sunday Night Football (September 17). That way, the event will be broadcast on prime-time.

“He thought this was something that the fans would really enjoy. Obviously, I want to go back there and see the fans. See my teammates. I went back there one time, it was in an opposing uniform, which was a different type of welcoming. Although people were very polite, and I had a great experience.”

Brady acknowledge it would be a very special moment for him. “To be able to go back there in a different frame of mind, a less competitive frame of mind, and I’m always pulling for the Patriots. It’s been a great organization. I’ve got so many friends there still. My kids were born in Boston. I have so many incredible memories of my time there and it’s a great gesture by the organization.”

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