Travis Kelce talks about losing Orlando Brown Jr. in free agency

The Kansas City Chiefs have had one AFC contender dominate them in recent memory. The Cincinnati Bengals came into last season’s AFC Championship game having defeated the Kansas City Chiefs three times in a row, including the previous season’s AFC Championship game. The Chiefs narrowly pulled off the victory in this year’s AFC Championship game. Now tight end Travis Kelce is worried about a former Chiefs key player joining the Bengals in free agency.

Left tackle Orlando Brown Jr. signed with the Bengals this offseason. Travis, talking with his brother Jason on the New Heights Podcast, compared losing Brown to the Bengals like losing a best friend:

“It’s tough man,” Travis said. “Obviously, I mean, the past like two years we’ve struggled beating the Bengals. So there’s been a lot of like build up in emotion of like, I would say, not necessarily hate, but just like, dislike, towards the Bengals because they keep beating us. And they keep talking about it every time they do. So it’s like, man, to see him go to the dark side, man, it’s an awkward feeling.”

Brown will rectify what had been a weak link in the Bengals’ protection for Joe Burrow. The Bengals should be an even more formidable matchup for the Chiefs next season.

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