In the 92nd episode of The Real Forno Show, Tyler Forness and Dave answered a variety of viewer questions. The questions were a mix of football-related topics and hypothetical scenarios. Tyler and Dave’s responses were both insightful and entertaining.

One of the questions was from Kevin Fielder, who asked about the three undrafted free agents with the best chance of making the Minnesota Vikings 53-man roster. Tyler and Dave provided their opinions on the matter, and viewers gained valuable insights into the topic.

Tyler Ireland asked about which player is most likely to experience a substantial dip in quality of play in 2023. Tyler and Dave provided their expert analysis on this question, providing viewers with an understanding of what factors might cause a player’s quality of play to decline.

Nelson Thielen asked a fun hypothetical question about which fictional universe Tyler and Dave would choose to live in for a year. This question added an element of fun to the show, and viewers got to see Tyler and Dave’s creative sides.

Mike Miksche asked about which wide receiver could fit in as a WR4, and whether Jalen Nailor could take on a larger role this year. Tyler and Dave’s responses to this question provided viewers with insights into player roles and how they might fit into the team’s strategy.

Finally, Nelson Thielen asked about Tyler and Dave’s pre-season analysis of Booth, Cine, and Evans and whether they would be a good scheme fit for Brian Flores.

Overall, Tyler and Dave provided valuable insights and entertaining responses to a range of viewer questions in this episode of The Real Forno Show. The show was a great resource for football fans who wanted to get a better understanding of various aspects of the game.

Check out Tyler in this The Real Forno Show on the Vikings 1st & SKOL YouTube channel for more insights and analysis.

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