Daniel Nardiello has recalled the time he was forced to perform a sex act in front of the whole Manchester United team.

Nardiello was just 16 years old when he left Wolves to join United in 1999.

Now 40, Nardiello has opened up on what he had to do as part of his initiation.

Players are often asked to do initiations after joining a new team.

The initiations are designed to break the ice between a player and their new teammates.

In the present day, new players are often asked to sing a song or dance as part of their initiation.

However, Nardiello did neither.

Instead, he was asked to simulate sex with a pretend woman on the table. Nardiello's teammates found it hilarious but he did not enjoy it in the slightest.

Daniel Nardiello: My initiation at Man United was 'horrible'

Recalling his initiation on the Under the Cosh podcast, he said, per the Daily Mail: "Mine was I had to make love to a [pretend] woman on the table.

"A few of us had to do that. You had to describe the girl. It was horrible.

"'Is she blonde, brunette, is she busty, is she not? How are you doing it? What are you saying to her?' [I was] bright red, it was horrible."

He added: "These are the superstars as well.

"It was [Ryan] Giggs and David May the main guys in there but you can see [Roy] Keane and [David] Beckham there just lapping it all in and you're like, 'oh my God, I've got to make love to a girl in front of all these guys'."

Nardiello also revealed another teammate had to play the 'spoon game' with David May as part of their initiation.

The game would see May and the unnamed youngster put spoons in their mouths and try to hit each other as hard as they could.

However, when it was May's turn, Giggs would hit the youngster on the head himself.

What happened to Daniel Nardiello?

Nardiello, a striker, failed to hit the back of the net in his four appearances for United.

He failed to turn out for the club in the Premier League before his departure in 2005.

The Coventry-born ace spent much of his career in the English Football League, turning out for the likes of Barnsley, Blackpool, Exeter City, Rotherham United and Bury.

He hung up his boots in 2017 following a stint with Welsh outfit, Bangor City.

Nardiello also made three appearances for Wales between 2007-2008.

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