Best Win of the Week #1: Wisconsin gets bowl eligible

Wisconsin was one of a handful of Big Ten West teams sitting at 5-5 entering Week 12. Well, the Badgers rallied from an early 14-0 deficit to take a lead and ultimately won in overtime to clinch some sort of postseason trip.

Best Win of the Week #2: Northwestern comes back from the abyss

The best story in the West has to be Northwestern, a team that won just one game last year and dealt with a ton of offseason turmoil. Thanks to their 23-15 win against Purdue on Saturday, Northwestern has secured a bowl trip and David Braun has removed the interim tag from his title as coach.

Worst Loss of the Week #1: Maryland falters in fourth quarter

The Terrapins had a chance to shock the football world Saturday, but wound up falling short in a 31-24 loss to Michigan. There was a disastrous stretch in the first half that saw a 3-0 Maryland lead turn into a 23-3 deficit. Still, Maryland was back to within 29-24 entering the fourth quarter before Michigan dug deep to survive 31-24.

Worst Loss of the Week #2: Rutgers still can’t score in Happy Valley

While we all lament how bad it is to stuck behind Ohio State and Michigan, consider the life of Maryland and Rutgers for a moment. They’re stuck never being able to beat even more teams in the Big Ten. Rutgers proved this year to be able to compete with teams for a half - including Saturday at Penn State. But ultimately, it was another 20+ point loss at the Scarlet Knights haven’t scored a touchdown in Beaver Stadium since the first Clinton administration.

Offensive Player of the Week: TreVeyon Henderson, Ohio State

The Buckeyes clinched a perfect home record and they stand at 11-0 heading into Michigan Stadium on Saturday. Henderson was great on Saturday, totaling 146 yards on 15 carries and a pair of touchdowns.

Defensive Player of the Week: Kobe King, Penn State

Home pick, but King was great on Saturday in leading Penn State in tackles with 10. He’ll have a homecoming on Friday in Detroit where he hopes to help Penn State to Win #10 and a probable New Years Six spot.

Most Big Ten Thing of the Week: Michigan Gets 1,000

Michigan, the all-time leader in college football wins, reached 1,000 on Saturday - and of course did it with a suspended headcoach. Just seems so Big Ten-like given everything that’s transpired this season.

Most Big Ten West Thing of the Week: A bunch of bowl teams?

As bad as the West has been and as much as we’ve mocked it, there’s a possiblity that six of the seven teams reach bowl eligibility. Northwestern and Wisconsin clinched on Saturday, as mentioned previously, while Illinois, Minnesota, and Nebraska head into the weekend with a chance at doing the same.

Most Big Ten West Thing of the Week: Iowa wins by 2 to clinch Big Ten West

Iowa will be headed to Indy. It’s official, the Hawkeyes knocked off Illinois to solidify their spot in Lucas Oil Stadium where they’ll be beaten 45-3 by either Ohio State or Michigan. Of course, the most Iowa thing of all is that it was a 15-13 final against Illinois - the difference being a first quarter safety.

What We’re Looking Forward to the Most: Saturday at noon

I, along with some of you readers, will be spending Black Friday in the Motor City. But, like you, I’ll also be tuning in at noon to a Saturday game where you can throw out the records. That’s right, I know you’ll be watching the Old Oaken Bucket Game to see which Hoosier state team can salvage their season.

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