Aaron Rodgers finally realizes his season is over and it was a dud

It’s all starting to sink in now for Aaron Rodgers.

Injured New York Jets quarterback Aaron Rodgers had a lot going on over this first weekend in December. He turned 40 on Saturday, then stood on the sideline Sunday and watched the Jets lose to the Atlanta Falcons while scoring eight points. That could be when it dawned on Mr. Rodgers that suiting up again this year was highly unlikely. Some called Rodgers delusional from the start, thinking he’d play again this season. It seems that bubble finally burst during his birthday weekend. - Criss Partee Read More

Florida State should boycott the Orange Bowl

Florida State got a raw deal.

If they’re going to shut you out, then don’t show up.

After winning every game on their schedule, the Florida State Seminoles have been left out in the cold. The undefeated champions from the Atlantic Coast Conference were bumped from No. 4 to No. 5, making history as the first champs from a Power Five conference without a blemish on their resume to not make the College Football Playoff. - Carron J. Phillips Read More

Oregon just got hit with a Title IX lawsuit and the allegations are rough

On Friday, 32 members of the University of Oregon’s women’s beach volleyball and rowing teams filed a class action lawsuit in federal court that accuses the University of depriving female athletes of “equal treatment and benefits, equal athletic aid, and equal opportunities to participate in varsity intercollegiate athletics in violation of Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972,” according to a press release distributed by their attorneys. - Julie DiCaro Read More

The dog whistles around Jalen Hurts are subtle, yet deafening

Jalen Hurts.

It’s not just what you say, it’s also about what you don’t say — and how you say it. Right now, there are some peculiar things being uttered about Jalen Hurts, and it would be easier if those people would just . . . say it. - Carron J. Phillips Read More

New York Jets get rid of one of Aaron Rodgers’ guys

Tim Boyle

The New York Jets are reportedly releasing quarterback Tim Boyle and signing Seattle Seahawks practice squad quarterback Brett Rypien, according to CBS Sports’ Josina Anderson. - Cale Clinton Read More

NFL quarterbacks are becoming an endangered species

Trevor Lawrence is helped off the field Monday night.

It is hard enough to find a starting-caliber NFL quarterback. There certainly are not 32 in the league right now. Finding one in the draft is like discovering that your grandma’s furniture is a valuable antique. - Stephen Knox Read More

Green Bay has this winning-franchise thing down to a science

Jordan Love is hitting his stride.

The Green Bay Packers are one of the handful of NFL franchises that has done precious little losing since the turn of the millennium. Even in the decade prior to Y2K, they experienced sustained success. The Packers seem to have a firm grasp on NFL team building, including the most important part — quarterback. For all of Jordan Love’s ups and downs during the 2023 season, a Week 13 win against the Kansas City Chiefs on Sunday Night Football thrust the Packers into the final NFC Playoff spot. - Stephen Knox Read More

Robert Saleh letting his thumbs do the talking could lead him out of NY

Robert Saleh.

This latest New York Jets drama would only be strange if it happened to another team. But at this point, we’ve come to expect this craziness from the Jets. NYC host for WFAN, Joe Benigno, claims Jets head coach Robert Saleh texted him a “litany of head coaches and what their record is without their quarterback.” According to Benigno, Saleh also wasn’t too kind when broaching the topic of placing Zach Wilson back in the starter’s role. - Criss Partee Read More

Is the NFL scripted? The Chiefs-Packers game made it seem like it


Refs were setting up Kansas City for a game-winning drive, but then got in their own way

Hobbled Trevor Lawrence loses top target

Jacksonville has another injury to worry about in addition to quarterback Trevor Lawrence, who suffered a high ankle sprain during the Jaguars’ 34-31 loss to the Cincinnati Bengals on Monday Night Football. - Mackenzie Meaney Read More

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